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I’ll be honest, folks, I’m still kicking the tires on this newsletter thing. There are some thoughts that I have that don’t ever seem to fit anywhere, and I want somewhere where I can stretch out creatively and talk with some folks about the weird things that pop into my head from time to time. By subscribing here or checking out my website, you’ll be the first to know whatever it is that I come up with here.

Who am I?

I received my North Carolina green card after living here since 2005, but I’m an Ohioan by birth and was a West Virginian for a few years. I trained as a broadcast journalist and spent most of my career as a producer, with a few forays into video photojournalism and on-air reporting. For more than ten years, I’ve written for magazines and online publications like Charlotte magazine, SB Nation, Politico, and CBS Sports. I work in communications at Wake Forest University, and just before that, I spent six years at Our State magazine, where I was a writer, podcast producer and host, digital manager, and more. For those of you who care about awards, I’ve won two regional Emmys, which are the shiniest ones in my collection. But I’ve also got some stuff from TV and magazine journalism hanging on my wall. I live outside of Greensboro, North Carolina with my beautiful and understanding wife and my two kids and, formerly, a very good dog. I also worked as a whitewater raft guide and a golf course caddy a while ago. I like hockey and burrito bowls. I used to sleep late.

What should this be?

Hell if I know, man! Do you know? If you know, can you tell me? At some point, I’m sure I’ll hone this into a finely tuned instrument, meant to deliver fascinating, exclusive content to you and only you (and the other subscribers, but really, just you), but until I turn into a calculating internet businessman, you’re gonna get some stuff. Just some stuff.

That is my sales pitch. I can’t believe you wouldn’t jump at this opportunity. Except that it’s free.